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"Just being in the divine presence of Selen is nurturing, enveloping you with heart-centered love and neutrality. But to experience her subtly powerful gift of Reiki is a truly transcendent experience where you will emerge re-energized, re-invigorated and reminded of the power of love and self-love."

~ Peter N.

"I didn't really know what to expect as I'd never experienced Reiki before. When I arrived at my appointment, I instantly felt comfortable with Selen. I found that she effortlessly exudes a genuine warmth and kindness. The Reiki was quite relaxing and soothing and at times it felt like liquid sunshine was radiating from her hands to my body. I fell asleep in my second session, which has never happened to me before in any kind of healing, energy or body work. I have felt so aligned and balanced after every session. I highly recommend!"

~ Darcy M.

"I had always been interested in trying Reiki, but I had never made the leap until I met Selen. I truly feel I was waiting to meet her to experience it. Selen truly is a healer and you feel it the moment you are near her. She is loving, caring, authentic and believes in the work she does from her core. She cares about the world around her and you truly and deeply. She is one of the most authentic beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and my experience with her was truly a healing and life changing one. I highly recommend working with Selen, I felt like I had been through years and years of therapy just after one session. I felt as if years of energy had been scraped away and I felt emotionally rebooted. Selen is the best and she is the only person I will see for


~ Amanda H.

"Selen is a gem! One in a million, energy Queen. Every time I go to her I come in off balance and my mind is going a million miles per hour but as I am greeted by her and her practice, it fades away. She is so special in her healing and work and makes you feel awoken. You are relaxed and you listen to your breath and know you are being healed and centered! I highly recommend her to any and all people who need to find their center and energy."

~ Kristin E.

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