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Selen Chandradev hails from Turkey, a civilization steeped in the rich cultural history and healing traditions of the great Ottoman Empire. Selen was born with the gifts of innate and profound sensitivity and compassion that began when she was still within her mother's womb. Her mother's journey in bringing Selen into this world was both physically and emotionally challenging as a result of a debilitating injury she was confronted with prior to her pregnancy. Due to her own mother experiencing the pain that she did while Selen was still within her  mother's womb, Selen developed her innate gifts and desire to not only alleviate and heal her own mother's pain and trauma, but to also do so for all living creatures and beings.


As a child, Selen's gifts of healing was nurtured by her Grandmother, also a healer that came from a long lineage of Ottoman healers. Blessed with the wisdom and knowledge instilled within her by her Grandmother, Selen felt called to share this wisdom with the world, traversing the world from the time she was a teenager, immersing herself in many different cultures, learning from and also sharing her gifts. Her journey eventually led her to Los Angeles, a mecca of healing and wellness, where her own path of self-healing from her own personal experiences, led her down the path of Reiki. Through experiencing profound healing within herself with Reiki, Selen sought to share this gift with everyone by becoming a certified Usui Reiki Healer herself.

She is continually seeking to expand her wisdom in the realm of healing and she attained her certification in Crystal Healing and other modalities to create a truly unique and deeply powerful healing experiences that harmonizes mandala of healing traditions for her clients.


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