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My name is Selen and I am a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer based in LA. My passion is to help you be the best version of yourself through utilizing the ancient healing tools which helped me on my own healing process.


You are the creator of your life and in order to attract all that your heart desires, you will want to be in a happy, healthy and harmonious state. We all have the ability to heal from within and I am here to offer the most powerful yet subtle ancient healing tools that will bring your mind, body, and spirit in harmony and back to your original balanced and healthy state. I hold a safe space for you to be open to receive the healing energies and connect with your authentic self and manifest your intentions. 


I invite you to choose yourself no matter what you are going through and make space for healing and transforming what is not serving you anymore to live your life with a clear mind and an open heart feeling refreshed and energized. 

Take the step towards healing yourself. Let's walk the path together!

Infinite Love,

Selen Chandradev

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